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9/16/2019 11:22:59 AM
Father I lift Naominash up to You. Please be a constant reminder that we are never alone with as You alone are always with us. (Acts 17:28) Please Lord remind us how Your love was so extravagantly poured out for us on the cross, and how the victory of resurrection is ours through You. Place Your mighty arms around this one and bring comfort and protection from the evil one. May You encompass our minds with thoughts of love and glory from in high. I ask this in the name above all names! In the mighty name of Jesus amen.
Posted by: NAOMINASH
9/14/2019 11:09:53 AM
I'm thankful that the Lord led me to this website.

Please pray that I might see hope in life again. Whenever I'm alone, I feel hopeless and sad. It's like the devil just wants to make me give up on life all together.

I fear that I'm not truly a Christian either. It feels like I've made too many mistakes.

Any prayers or encouragement are greatly appreciated.
9/12/2019 3:20:32 PM

Marie Baumgartner - Please pray for my great niece. She is 15 years old and on suicide watch. Also for my own health.

Sarah Yanzer – I'm asking prayer for myself. I have a large cyst on my pelvic and they are going to drain it, but no surgery.

Terry Roache – Prayer for my health.

Jeff McPherson – prayers for school and my grandma.

Linda Selby – Please prayer me as I fell this last week, and my job requires standing, and it will be difficult.

Pat Reeve – Praying for my health issues.

Doris Roser -I am praying for safe travels back home.

Daysi Jiminez - for my job.

Jean Drury - I will be having double catscans this week to see if cancer is back.

Barbara Harper – I have a doctors appointment today.

Ken Rainey - Asking for our prayers for the healing of a tendon in my foot.

Jim Rice - Prayer for the neurologist to burn my nerves,

GeorgeAnn’s - Prayer for my friend at the Credit Union and for Carla, Jerry, Misty and the kids.

Lori Luke - for my health and my memory problems.

Prayer for our DHBC Mixed Adult Bible Study, Ladies and Mens Bible Study,
Preschool, Children, Youth, Adults, Security, Drama Team/Christmas play and our Choir/Praise Team.
9/7/2019 4:02:38 PM

Marie Baumgartner has bronchitis.

GeorgeAnn’s friend at the Credit Union has Bell’s Palsy.

Linda Selby’s ultrasound for kidneys is September 16.

Jerry Johnson’s memorial is on Thursday, September 19 at 11 am.

Jim Rice neurologist appt to burn nerves is September 16.

Ken Rainey for healing of tendon in foot.

Yolly’s brother is unable to recognize his family members.

Jean Drury’s niece died last week, she was a Christian.

Doris Roser will be traveling to Utah this week. Prayer for safe travels.

Prayer for safe travels for Don Furrow and John Furrow. They will be traveling to Alaska today to hunt bear and fish.

Fran Miles leaving for 2 weeks to Texas.

People in the Bahamas as they try to rebuild fro the hurricane.

People of Odessa/Midland, Texas.

Missionaries across the world.

Travis Young requests prayer for self esteem.

Our Mens, Ladies and Mixed adults Bible Study.

Christmas Play/ Christine Schroeder/ All those involved.

Our DHBC Security Team.

All Ministry leaders and ministries.
8/29/2019 2:32:14 PM

Gloria Johnson, Jerry’s memorial will be later in September.

Marie Baumgartner’s test results,

Linda Selby’s doctor has increased her medication for kidneys and she will have an ultrasound soon.

Yolly Henson’s brother, is having trouble accepting physical limitations.

Darrell Love is praying for his work.

Jean Drury requests prayer for her niece. She has been given two weeks to live.

Felix Malake prayer for his brother Jean Thomas Malake.

Zach Furrow, Don/Marcell’s grandson, his scholarship for room and board has been pulled because the school believes his Navy scholarship is too excessive. The Navy only pays for education, not room and board, please pray for direction that they need to go.

Lena Sanchez-Barrios, requests prayer for her children and herself.

David Holden, prayer for his health.

Gail Sanders prayer for her cousin Karen Conyers. Her surgery is today for cancer.

Verna Williams asking for prayers for her marriage and for her son Rene.

Vanessa Avia needs prayer for her divorce and for her heart to heal and for her husband to let her see her son.

Pray for the S. Baptist mission work in Pakistan/Bo White, missionary and for missionaries around the world and locally.

All our church ministries.

Fire in the Amazon.

Christmas program/all roles to be filled.
Posted by:EDITH
8/28/2019 5:49:01 PM
Requesting prayers for my sister, Marie, who fell while taking a shower. Her pain are on her right clavicle to her neck and hips. PRAISE God there is no fracture because she can walk!
8/19/2019 4:52:14 PM

Our Country, Our President, and the Government.

Our Church, our Leaders, and each of our Members.

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation.

Summer and Kyle Saga and all members of our Youth Department and their Leaders!!

Jerry Johnson had a stroke; he is still at home on hospice care; he is not
receiving nourishment or water—end is very near. He and Gloria need our prayers.

Judy Bowen’s nephew died; he was living with her.

Paul is going to cardiologist this week; his blood pressure is very low.


Darrell Love—that his work situation will be figured out quickly.

Linda Howard’s eye sty is affecting her vision.

Tina in Jim’s church—recieved two different medical views about tumor or growth in her brain; she and her husband are not sure what to do.

Marie B’s daughter Cathy’s sister in law died; Marie’s neighbor, who is a veteran is having a great deal of difficulty getting treatment at the VA; he has now begun to drink again and is verbally abusive to his wife—they both need our prayer.

Linda J’s son Robert-- unspoken prayer.

Jean D’s niece is filled with cancer and has been given just a few months to live.

Delta’s granddaughter is back in rehab for her drinking problem.

Linda Hunt’s nephew unspoken.

Ken R for his daughter and her significant other—both need jobs.

Julietta weighs 5 pounds now; but must remain in hospital little longer with liquid in lungs.

GeorgeAnne’s former secretary unspoken.

For our DHBC security team as they keep us safe.

For our Visitation Teams!
Posted by:BARBARA
8/17/2019 10:33:58 AM
Please pray for my son. He’s got something seriously wrong with his ankle. He damaged it years ago in a motorcycle accident. I pray that surgery can be done ASAP.
Posted by:JUDY BOWEN
8/15/2019 8:18:43 AM
I am asking for prayers for my family. Especially for my brother David Bowen and niece Katy Bowen Hankins. We lost a major part of our family today. Totally unexpectedly. This young man has held a special place in my heart for all his life. Rest in peace Mark Bowen. You were greatly loved.
8/12/2019 1:46:53 PM

Our Country, Our President, and the Government.

Our Church, Leaders, and Members.

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation.


Darrell Love—works for a company that provides cleaning services to private
schools. The company did not get the contract for school where Darrell works. Please pray that company will find another place for Darrell.

Brenda—Glutton tolerance issues, seeing doctor next week.

Linda Howard had eye sty that is affecting her vision.

Tina in Jim’s church has a growth in her brain.

Linda J—her friend Chris at Albertson is scheduled for exploratory surgery to determine if he has cancer.

Jack A—that people in our Church who have issues that Christian counseling could help if they will take advantage of our church’s counseling ministry.

Doris’ daughter Karen is having surgery for a torn ligament.

Lori—that her memory will allow her to continue to come.

Marie B’s daughter Cathy has very painful cellulitis pain.

Robert King for his grandson and his wife who lost their baby.

Yollie has a friend who is having surgery.

Marilyn Gordon for her friend who continues to have hernia issues even after surgery.

Colleen will be seeing a hand specialist.

Linda Selby’s son is an unbeliever. He is taking some classes to become a foster parent and the classes are in a Church. Linda prays that he will meet people there
that God will use to share the gospel with him and he will listen.

For Security Team as they keep us safe, and for our Visitation Teams.
8/10/2019 6:30:32 PM
Please pray for my admissions request that i took the first step to do afther 40 years to college csn. i took that first step afther much prayer and Gods guidence.
8/10/2019 2:16:15 PM
Father draw near to Tina at this time. Help her heart and mind to be at rest in You. She has blessed us all more than she will ever know by her love and compassion for your people. Please God of mercy bless her with wave upon wave of grace directly from Your thrown. In Jesus name amen.
Posted by:TINA BROWN
8/9/2019 12:46:42 PM
Lord I Praise Your name and Pray that You will stay close to my sister Elaine during her suffering of the loss of her husband Ron. You know the pain that she is going through and are the only reason that she is not consumed by it. Dealing with the death of a loved one as I know is never easy, but Your Strength guides us through the difficulties. You keep us from being crushed by the burden that we know that we carry. Each day, we make a conscious decision to grow closer to You. We place our burdens at Your feet with the knowledge that You will help us to carry their weight. Thank you Lord, Amen.
8/9/2019 6:08:29 AM
Please pray for my Aunt may she not suffer. Thank You Lord.
8/8/2019 10:33:41 PM
Lord may You bring peace and healing to Carols brothers, may You Lord be with her family. Thank You Lord God.
8/8/2019 1:55:56 PM

Memorial for Ginger Stewart on Friday at 10 am here at church (Delta’s sister).

Yollie Henson’s friend has growth on neck, possible cancer.

Karlene Fisher – unspoken.

Jesus Tenorio – daughter Nancy in WA.

Charlotte Summerfield – son.

Ric/Rosa Cadena leave Friday, travel mercies.

Kim Derrick – looking to buy a house, pray for them to make good choices.

Robert DeLosh – his wife for her physical and mental health.

Tina Brown’s sister Elaine, her husband is in serious condition, been having
Several strokes. His name is Ron.

Mixed Adult Bible Study resuming Saturday, at 12.

Kids going back to school.

Vivian Baker – results of tests.

Linda Howard – eyes/ styes in them.

Don Cameron – God’s protection.
8/6/2019 11:45:20 AM
Father please give Ken the peace you have promised to those who believe. Let us always know that our circumstances are like our days. They come and they go. But You remain the same. Let us see Your mighty hand lift us, holding us, protecting us. Let our eyes remember that your mercy is new every morning. May we see only the truth of Your will even if that truth is that it should remain hidden for a time. We live You Lord. I love You Lord. Please bless Ken with such sight. In Jesus name amen.
Posted by:KEN
8/5/2019 5:57:16 PM
I want to dwell on what is good, but I need prayer because I get distracted, so please pray that I will stay alert and dwell on what is good, giving thanks to God for it. God bless you!
8/1/2019 12:23:53 PM

Mona Reyes - prayerful my sister in law’s health, she has cancer.

Pam Saga – Praying for salvation for my husband Rick.

Marie Baumgartner – Prayers fo safe travels for this weekend for me and my daughter.

GeorgeAnn – Please pray for our safe travels with my brother and sister in law in Alaska.

Edith Reynolds - Unspoken

Praying for our VBS, Kids going back to school, for Pastor Scott and Kim, for Pastor Roger and Shirley, our Ministry Leaders and Teachers, Ushers, Greeters,
Praise Team and Band, our DHBC Security Team, our Food Pantry volunteers, and for our Mixed Adult Bible Study as they will be starting back on August 10.
7/30/2019 11:35:52 AM
Father God I come to You on behalf of Amanda. Lift her heart, exchange joy for her sadness, give beauty for ashes. And be glorified in the praises of Your daughter. In Jesus name amen!
Posted by:AMANDA
7/28/2019 12:32:46 PM
Can I ask you lovely people to pray please? I am feeling quite low even though I gave my life back to God this morning. I just don't feel good at all...I've been listening to sermons and talking to God but just a bit heartbroken at the minute...I know God will bring me through and I'm reaping what I've sown but I would really appreciate if some of my brothers and sisters could pray please. Thank you.
7/25/2019 1:22:50 PM

GeorgeAnn is requesting prayer for her former secretary’s salvation and for travel mercies for GeorgAnn and her brother Jim going to Alaska.

Linda Howard has eye appointment coming up.

Please pray for Bobby Trammell. His dad died last week.

Pam Saga’s daughter Crystal had a seizure and is under doctor care.

Travis Young asking for prayer for family and guidance.

Shaquiece Bagsby asking for prayer for strength and wisdom.

One of our new members Clara Wallack hurt her hip and is not able to get around very good.

Vivian Baker had Cario-echocardiogram today.

Pray for our VBS next week.

Ric/Rosa moving to Oxnard for a while.

Colleen Pitre.

Karlene Fisher has an unspoken prayer request.

Elena is having legal issues.

We need to lift up in prayer our DHBC Ministry leaders, teachers, helpers, Pastor Scott and Kim, Pastor Roger and Shirley,
Security Team, Visitation Teams and our
Prayer Warriors.
7/22/2019 2:36:18 PM

Our Country, Our President, and the Government

Our Church, Our Leaders, and Members

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation

GeorgeAnn’s former secretary with whom she shared God’s Plan of Salvation

Wayne for growing strength and that we will be back with us soon


Jim Rice is leaving for Seattle Monday and next Sunday on cruise to Alaska

GeorgeAnn will be leaving for cruise to Alaska next Sunday

Marie B’s nephew in Oklahoma has COPD and pneumonia

Doris’ daughter Karen’s friend since childhood has Stage 4 bone cancer and has 6 months to live without treatment and possibly up to years with treatment

Deonnie—went to camp and gain great insight; she will be giving testimony soon and needs prayer for confidence to speak to Church

Linda Howards has eye appointment coming up

Vivian has cardio-echocardiogram on Wednesday

Eileen has an appointment with heart doctor on August 7

Jesus’ daughter in law’s father died and he is praying that she will rely on God

Visitor Elena has been accused of attacking a person picking up father’s medical equipment as he moves to hospice. She has to hire an attorney and appear in court

Rosa and Ric have to move to Oxnard for a while

For our DHBC VBS next week

For our DHBC Security Team as they keep us safe

For our Visitation Teams
7/18/2019 2:33:13 PM
Update on my nephew: still our prayers. He is now having a problem with pneumonia but is under treatment. The doctors have said that he can go home when he is able to walk around without difficulties, is off of IV's, and he uses the BIPAP.
7/15/2019 3:00:38 PM
My nephew (50 years old) is being rushed to the hospital with a possible stroke. Will know more later, please pray for his well being a his family as well (wife, son and daughter).
7/15/2019 2:58:10 PM

Our Country and President (Day of Prayer for the President)

Our Church, Leaders, and Members

The people of Louisiana through the storm

The people of Georgia as they try to lead the nation in a 2 Chronicles 7:14 effort
to heal our nation

Virginia A—for healing; Jack believes it is her medication that is making matters

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation

GeorgeAnn’s former secretary with whom she shared God’s Plan of Salvation

Wayne for growing strength and that we will be back with us soon

Karlene—unspoken and for Baby Ryan

Marie B will get her results from blood work on Friday

Jesus’ mother in law, who is 98, is very ill in El Salvador

Hensons and Cadenas as they return from California

Juliette who now weighs 4 pounds and for her eye condition

Marie B’s neighbor has serious heart and lung problems

Linda Selby’s brother in law is finding it very difficult to deal with the Colostomy bag

Jerry Jones who has dementia and other health issues is at home

Nancy Phillips’ daughter’s best friend just died; Nancy hopes that her daughter will be open to God’s Plan of Salvation now

Linda J’s son Robert—he is improving but is still in rehab

Marie L for granddaughter who has tests tomorrow related to her work in the AF

Jean D for traveling mercies as her daughter is coming in to visit her

For our visitors Paul, Craig and Dorothy Bunker


For the youth as they are off to camp this week

For prayer warriors

For security team as they keep us safe

For Visitation Teams
7/9/2019 4:25:57 PM

Our Country, President, and Congress.

Our Church, Leaders, and Members.

Individuals for whom we are each praying.

Vivian requests prayer for strength.

Wayne for Stronger, regain appetite, and taste.

Jim R -- Starting for Georgia.

Karlene has Unspoken prayer.

Linda W and Donna Enos--Unspoken.

Linda J's son Robert--stroke, now in rehab.

Doris R's grandson in the army; surgery on both legs tomorrow.

Juliette's eyes.

Ken and Yollie to San Diego for a week.

Ric and Rosa to CA for a week.

Elena--dad very ill and bedridden.

Robert K--granddaughter just lost her baby, stillborn.

Our upcoming VBS.

Youth going to camp.

DHBC Security Team.

Our Prayer Warriors.

Visitation Teams.
Posted by:CAT BLACK
7/3/2019 5:10:15 PM
A prayer request... Greg Comer has battled cancer for almost 7 yrs. The doctors are giving him only days to live. Greg is 41, married & has 2 children, Jacob 11 & Alyssa 7. Jacob has asked his Mom for a special request, for everyone to pray for a special miracle for his daddy. He wants a prayer chain across the world. Please pray for Greg and help start this prayer chain across the world for Jacob. Thank you so much
7/2/2019 10:48:57 AM
O Sovereign and almighty Lord, bless all Your people, and all your flock. Give Your peace, Your help, and Your love unto us your servants, the sheep of your fold, that we may be united in the bond of peace and love, one body and one spirit, in one hope of our calling, in Your divine and boundless love. Amen.
From the Liturgy of Mark, 2d Century A.D
7/1/2019 3:25:20 PM

Our Country and President (Day of Prayer for the President).

Our Church, our Leaders, and our Members here at DHBC.

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation.

Wayne for growing strength now that he has completed chemo and radiation.

Karlene has unspoken prayer.

Vivian has had one iron infusion last week and another is scheduled for Friday.

Visitor Lori’s daughter’s house burned this past week; Lori’s granddaughter
And her 6 children.

Nancy Jones’ son for safe travel to Wimbledon.

Myda (Modesta’s daughter) has a colonoscopy scheduled for this week before Hernia surgery.

Juliette who weighs 2 pounds is now scheduled for eye surgery.

Marie B’s neighbor has serious heart and lung problems.

Linda Selby’s brother in law is going to Mayo Clinic this coming week.

Susan’s friend Monica has cancer, an acquaintance Overdosed this past week,
her granddaughter is home from rehab and seems to be doing well.

Jerry Jones who has dementia and other health issues is at home.

For the visitors we had today in class and in church.

Donna E’s cousin who had spinal surgery and is not doing as well as hoped.

For our upcoming VBS.

For our Prayer Warriors!

For DHBC Security Team as they keep us safe!

For the DHBC Visitation Teams!
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