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7/2/2019 10:48:57 AM
O Sovereign and almighty Lord, bless all Your people, and all your flock. Give Your peace, Your help, and Your love unto us your servants, the sheep of your fold, that we may be united in the bond of peace and love, one body and one spirit, in one hope of our calling, in Your divine and boundless love. Amen.
From the Liturgy of Mark, 2d Century A.D
6/29/2019 5:24:40 PM
Please keep my husband Keith in prayer. He has to go for a medical exam to renew his medical card in the next week or so. He needs to pass the exam so he can get his medical card renewed in order to keep his job. Will you please pray that God is with my husband and that the Lord be with him as well as the doctors that perform the exam. My husband is the sole provider for our family. We depend on his income to meet our everyday needs as well as each of our bills. Please also pray that my family and I draw closer to God and that we keep our eyes and hearts upon the Lord. Thank you Desert Hills Baptist Church
6/27/2019 1:18:26 PM

Dana Furrow – Prayer for his health.

Linda Hocker – Prayer for her health.

Lisa Van Dyne – Encouragement.

Wayne Zimmers for his continued strength through his treatments.

Marie Baumgartner – her condition is still precancerous.

Linda Howard – praying for her eyes.

Rosa Cadena – For her brother and unspoken.

James Bennett – Prayers for his niece who lives in Mississippi.

Marilyn Gordon – Praying for my niece. She has a chance to attend school for mentor at Wycliff Bible College.

Jessica Belin – Prayer needed for her husband’s salvation, and her dad will be having knee surgery.

Barbara Harper – For Donna Slater’s health.

Shaquiece Bagsby is praying for guidance and direction in her life.

Vivian Baker will be having a blood transfusion this week.

Our upcoming Vacation Bible School.

Youth Camp, campers and workers.

For our DHBC Prayer Warriors, Visitation Teams, Security Team

Our country.

Those traveling this summer.
6/21/2019 10:57:15 AM
A very good friend of mine past this morning. She and her husband are two of a very small group of friends we have ever hung out with socially.

Please pray for our friend Art. He and his wife were inseparable until today...
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