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Posted by:JAMES
11/20/2019 1:48:23 PM
Please brothers and sisters in Christ, prayers are needed for president Trump, God's authority, now thank you..
11/18/2019 2:17:51 PM

Our Country, Our President, and the Government

Our Church, Leaders, Members, Youth, All Church

The people for whom we are each praying for their salvation

Tina in Jim’s church begins radiation in two weeks—6 weeks every day
And they live 2 hours each way from hospital. She and her husband are farm hands with 3 young children

Jack has surgery on Thursday, November 21. It is major surgery on the colon

Marilyn Gordon needs for her hand—PT has not helped at all

Fenters leave on Tuesday at midnight for Texas; do not plan to stop until El Paso

Karlene—granddaughter and friend’s granddaughter—both unspoken

Donna Enos and Linda Wood as they continue to recover

Linda Johnson is not feeling well today

Jesus’ family; he goes to Tiajuana on the bus on Nov 24 for 3 days; he is nervous about the trip

Yollie’s brother in the Philippines

Jean and Terry Roache for sons, Stephen, Ryan and David--

Jean Drury –unspoken for family

Ric and Rosa—the selling of house is not going well

Linda Wood’s nephew, who is Donna’s grandson, unspoken

Cecil and Yvonne for health; Cecil is still receiving chemo

Donna Curry

Eileen waiting results of her scan

Daysi asked for prayer for all South American countries experiencing civil unrest

For security team as they keep us safe

For Visitation Teams
11/14/2019 3:48:45 PM

Eileen Andersen had a TA scan on Monday, prayer for good results

Carol Baker – uncle, Glen Gibson, had a stroke and not sure of recovery

Jack Anderson has surgery at end of this month

Marie’s brother in law, Mike Morisali, will receive pacemaker on Friday

Jesus Tenorio will be traveling to Tiajoana on bus on Nov. 24 for 3 days.

Cecil/Yvonne Payne – family health and unspoken

Robin Yanzer – fell on Saturday and hurt her shoulder, found out she needs surgery

Homeless lady, Melinda, living in her car asked for prayer for herself and people who are with her

Robert Johnson’s health, (Linda Johnson’s son)

Jean Drury – unspoken for family

Jim Rice – pain

Tina in Wisconson, (Jim Rice friend) has to undergo radiation every day for 6 weeks for her stage 3 brain tumor

Ric/Rosa – selling their house is not going well

Donna Curry – health

Wallace Schwade – health

Donna Enos/Linda Wood as they continue to recover

Karlene Fisher – granddaughter and friend’s granddaughter
Posted by:LORI OLSON
11/9/2019 11:21:55 AM
Prayer for a renewal of my mind. I've been very depressed. Just moved here from Mn. Also I need prayer for finding good friends and a Husband. I also pray for my son to find good employment that he enjoys. We all need financial breakthrough
11/7/2019 1:01:20 PM
Our young friend who was injured last week had to undergo surgery on both of her feet. Praying for healing and for her spiritual outlook.

Also: a young friend and her husband are facing a deportation issue of sorts. She is American and he is from Ireland, they are married. He had a work visa but the extension was denied (no apparent reason) and as things stand, she cannot move to Ireland (same kinds of rules and issues). Praying that their attorney can get the extension cleared.
11/7/2019 5:18:54 AM
Dear Lord Jesus, My Lord I thank You for this day, a day to come to You with adoration and praise. For confession of my sins and Thanksgiving for what You bring us every day. I Pray for my family that they all find salvation, that they find a great Bible believing Church as well as a great Church family. I also Pray for my Church family and what You Lord would like me to do, to be a better member of Your Church. I want to Pray for Church Staff, Deacons, Ushers, Church Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Prayer Team, Security Team, Pastors and Their Families. I Pray for our First Responders Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Ambulance Drivers, Policeman and Fireman. I Pray also for our Troops here and abroad, keeping a hedge of protection on all of those in this Prayer. I also Pray for the United States of America, the President of the United States of America, the Vice President of the United States of America, Cabinet Members, United States Senators, United States Representatives, United States Supreme Court Justices, Governors of the United States of America, State Legislators, State Leadership, County Leadership, City Leadership and may they all be close to You Lord. Also, Lord I Pray for everyone health Issues may You put Your healing hand on them, healing and bringing them peace. Please Lord Open my Heart and Mind, Please Lead, Guide and Direct my life. Thank You Lord. Amen.
11/2/2019 11:57:09 AM
Father please bless the skills and procedures that the doctors will use to restore John’s sight. We know You are the great physician and they are but instruments in Your hands. In Jesus name amen.
Posted by:JOHN
11/1/2019 9:02:06 PM
Pray all these eye surgeries I go through will be a success. Complete blindness in the one eye and the other eye is not getting any better. Pray for vision restored or at least these surgical procedures will help in some way.
11/1/2019 7:52:19 PM
A young friend of our was injured today at an accident at the store she works at. There's no info at this time other than she was taken to the hospital. Praying for healing.
10/28/2019 11:06:59 AM
Father I come to You in Jesus name and ask that Your Spirit fill our mind. Help us Lord to remember Philippians 4:8. That we may have peace in our mind. Help Naominash. Amen
Posted by: NAOMINASH
10/26/2019 1:24:36 PM
Please pray for my mind because satan is once again fighting me in my mind. Pray that God will free me in my mind and thought thinking. Pray that my mind would stay on the Lord and Kingdom of God. I thank you for your wonderful ministry.
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