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Following are a list of websites that Desert Hills Baptist Church feels would be helpful for christians.
Desert Hills Baptist Church is offering these web links as helps and is in no way endorsing the ideas,
beliefs or advertisements contained within the website.

Please understand that the content on linked sites may change, however we will attempt to maintain an accurate,
useful list that is consistent with Desert Hills Baptist Church and Biblical Christianity.
If you have suggested additions or comments please
send us a message.

  Entertainment for Christians Click here for Christian Spotlight's Guide to Games Click here for Web Bible.
About the Bible Racism, Racial Issues and Christianity Family Answers Sex, Love & Relationships
Teen Qs Kid Explorers Click here for FREE COLORING PAGES. The Rainforest: People, Animals and Facts
Go to Life Before Birth Christian Background Music TM Learn about Jesus Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus
Archaeology and the Bible Creation SuperLibrary Creator's World
The Great Dinosaur Mystery Online Online Catalog -Christian videos and books
ChristianAnswers.Net Español ¿Es Jesucristo la respuesta a sus preguntas? La Historia de Dios Arqueologa Bblica - Indice de preguntas en Espaol
La SuperBiblioteca de la Creacin No Entrada
SBC Life Southern Baptist Convention BP News  BP Sports

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