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Dear Brethren,
As recently as last month, our brother and friend, Chris Anderson, has informed me that he
can no longer attend DHBC on a regular basis. Due to his father's failing health and relocating
to the North West area. As some of you may recall, Chris was the Captain of our FACILITATION CREW
for our 50th Anniversary, as well as the rest of the summer. I am so thankful for the hard work he
and his crew of volunteers have done.

Now in the advent of his absence, we find ourselves without a willing Captain.
I have asked Judy to send out a mass email, and have asked that Dave place it on our website
and we will reprint this letter in our 20/20 bulletin in weeks to come. I am asking for one of our men
to step up and be willing to be instructed on how to fulfill this great need.

One of our more immediate needs and most reoccurring acts of service will be keeping
our Worship Center chairs as straight as possible. While certainly not the end all,
be all of the gospel ministry, there are those who are greatly distressed when our
Worship Center appears to be in disarray. Not to mention, we always want our guests to be
comfortable and receive the best of impressions when they come.
In short, we are in need of a volunteer willing to come alongside our other ministries in
keeping our standards high, while keeping our focus ever heavenward.
Please prayerfully consider taking this challenge.
If not as captain, then possibly as part of the crew itself.

Always Praising Him,
Pastor Scott

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