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THE 30 DAYS OF THANKS IS NOW CLOSED, but please feel free to read all of the wonderful posts of THANKS that were posted this year! 

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Thank you

STEVE OLAFSON said 11/23/2016 8:38:32 AM :
Lord I THANK YOU for ALL the BEAUTIFUL THINGS to look at on this Earth!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/23/2016 8:37:16 AM :
CAROL said 11/22/2016 11:55:46 AM :
THANK God, for HE is GOOD! My mom is finally working again for the first time in nearly 3 years! GLORY to God!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/22/2016 7:31:51 AM :
THANK YOU Lord for BRINGING my brother to YOU Lord!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/22/2016 7:18:31 AM :
Lord I have HOPE for America because of YOU our REDEEMER, Jesus Christ!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/21/2016 8:56:49 AM :
II Cor. 9:15 - THANKS be to God for HIS indescribable GIFT!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/21/2016 8:22:01 AM :
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/21/2016 8:19:47 AM :
Lord, THANKS for YOUR TRAVEL MERCIES! It Is so nice to visit and watch our Granddaughter marry, but Lord, THANKS for bringing us home SAFE!!
GLEN said 11/21/2016 8:09:04 AM :
THANK YOU Lord God for ALL that YOU have done! I appreciate YOU! YOU are so AWESOME and MARVELOUS! I can't tell it ALL. THANK YOU for the AMAZING things YOU have DONE in my life and are STILL DOING! I LOVE YOU!!
CHERYL said 11/19/2016 12:33:10 PM :
I just want to take a moment to THANK God for my Mother and that today I am able to drive to the city and spend the day with her honoring this BLESSED mother who gave me life! THANK YOU JESUS!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/19/2016 10:41:15 AM :
THANK YOU Lord God for our NEW GRAND SON-In-Law!!
SHAYLA PITRE said 11/18/2016 4:05:00 PM :
PRAISES to God that my moms surgery went well.
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/18/2016 12:24:22 PM :
MARILYN GORDON said 11/17/2016 4:44:55 PM :
So THANKFUL that the growth under my lip was benign. THANK YOU Lord!
QUINCEY HOCKER said 11/17/2016 4:42:08 PM :
I'm PRAISING and THANKING GOD today for the people that are in my life!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/17/2016 8:48:55 AM :
Lord, I THANK YOU for this union between my granddaughter and her boyfriend.
BARBARA HARPER said 11/16/2016 9:30:04 PM :
So THANKFUL to return to work today. A big shout out to Desiree for picking me up and taking me home since I can't drive yet. I'm tired but it sure feels good!
DEVONA MOORE said 11/16/2016 4:44:50 PM :
I want to THANK and PRAISE God for the job I got at the Venetian!!
ADELLA-FRESNO, CA said 11/15/2016 10:32:23 AM :
I THANK and PRAISE the Lord today. The only one that could have saved me did! Tears of anguish, guilt, and physical withdrawals from my addiction mentally tore me down. Through all of that I knew God that you were there staying close to my heart when I am broken. THANK YOU Jesus for picking me up out of a pile of muck and mire, setting me up on dry land. I do not deserve YOUR GRACE! I THANK YOU for bringing me to this site for the first time that allows me to give YOU THANKS!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/15/2016 9:15:39 AM :
THANKS to the Lord ALLOWING us to SEE what GREAT THINGS YOU DO In peoples lives!!
YOLLY HENSON said 11/14/2016 3:58:35 PM :
I PRAISE the LORD for HE is GOOD!!
KIM HOCKER said 11/14/2016 3:27:37 PM :
Because I have BREATH, I WILL PRAISE The Lord!
BARBARA HARPER said 11/14/2016 12:35:49 PM :
I am beyond GRATEFUL to the MANY FRIENDS and FAMILY that have HELPED me during this time of recovery with rides, meals, housework, companionship and ENCOURAGEMENT! I have 2 more weeks before I can start walking. Whew, it's been a long process. THANK you Chris, Janel, Dena, Tahnee, Donny, Randy, Theresa, Mikey, Darrell, Cindy, my neighbors Maria and Alberto and also my LOVING CHURCH FAMILY who have been PRAYING for me. I can't forget my brothers in the OWR Ministry.
KIM HOCKER said 11/14/2016 8:48:04 AM :
It is a WONDERFUL thing to meet with my brothers and sisters in Christ and WORSHIP! I am THANKFUL for a MESSAGE from The Lord through HIS servant. I love my PASTOR and my CHURCH FAMILY!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/14/2016 7:18:43 AM :
THANK YOU Lord for GRANDKIDS and may YOU Lord always look after them with a HEDGE of PROTECTION and SALVATION in their hearts!
TERESA SANCHEZ said 11/13/2016 11:41:32 AM :
THANK YOU, God for looking after me ALL the time. When I am lost and do not know what to do, YOU GIVE me DIRECTION and SOLUTION!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/13/2016 10:46:44 AM :
STEVE CAMPELL said 11/12/2016 1:27:00 PM :
I just want to THANK YOU God for SAVING my wife and daughter, who were involved in a car accident last evening.

Without YOUR BLESSING and PROTECTION it would have been really bad for them. I LOVE YOU Lord and THANKS and PRAISE to YOU!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/12/2016 8:08:57 AM :
Lord God almighty, THANKS for allowing time spent with my brother
talking and reading from YOUR WORD! THANKS for YOUR GRACE, LOVE and MERCY!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/11/2016 7:07:40 AM :
THANKS Lord for ALL those Veterans that have kept this Country Free!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/10/2016 7:42:18 AM :
KIM HOCKER said 11/9/2016 10:02:33 AM :
There is nothing better than having my family at home watching history unfold with my grandkids snuggled in my lap. Lord, I THANK YOU for giving me my family!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/9/2016 6:36:58 AM :
THANKS Lord for a new President Elect and putting YOU Lord BACK in our country!.
RENITA said 11/8/2016 10:30:19 AM :
THANK YOU Father for the FREEDOM and AWESOME PRIVILEGE to vote, may YOUR KINGDOM come and YOUR will be done in earth as it is in heaven!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/8/2016 8:53:38 AM :
“Satan does not want to defeat us. He wants to destroy us.” ~Anonymous

On this day we all go to the polls it is obvious this is true we don`t treat each other this way unless Satan Is behind it, but our Lord will help set that straight! THANK YOU Lord.
GLEN said 11/8/2016 8:24:32 AM :
I can't THANK God enough for what HE has done for me! HE brought me OUT of the sinking sand, and TOOK AWAY ALL of my SINS and NEVER REMEMBERS them again! How GREAT THOU ART!! HIS MERCIES are RENEWED every morning! Without Him we can do NOTHING! God IS on the THRONE! I can't comprehend what God did by SENDING HIS SON to die; so that we who are saved can ESCAPE hell. What a WONDERFUL savior we have! It is only right to GIVE HIME THANKS and PRAISE FOREVER and EVER!!
KIM HOCKER said 11/8/2016 8:19:46 AM :
ROBIN M. said 11/8/2016 8:16:39 AM :
Today I'm THANKFUL for God showing MERCY on me even when I don't deserve it, Showing me that I can TRUST and LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONAL and SEEK HIM in EVERYTHING that I do!
KIM HOCKER said 11/8/2016 8:14:26 AM :
Day 6: THANK YOU God for YOUR WORD. I would be lost and unguided without. Truly YOU LIGHT THE WAY before me with each verse.
KIM HOCKER said 11/8/2016 8:11:02 AM :
CHRISTINE PORTER (NEW MEXICO) said 11/7/2016 10:18:24 AM :
Hi, I've been on your website 2 times now in the last week or so and really find it uplifting. I love this 30 day of THANKS that you started and I am in such a wonderful mood today and this is great because I have been kinda ill lately. I just feel so HAPPY and want to say that I LOVE Jesus and THANK HIM for the HAPPINESS YOU GIVE me EVERYDAY!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/7/2016 7:06:39 AM :
THANK YOU Lord for ALL SCRIPTURE inspired by God, to be able to STUDY and READ YOUR WORD!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/6/2016 10:47:56 AM :
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. THANK YOU Lord!!
MARCELL said 11/5/2016 6:54:49 PM :
THANK YOU Lord for the 23 LOVING SOULS who helped clean YOUR HOUSE today! Lots of LOVIN SCRUBBIN!!
JUDY said 11/5/2016 6:45:05 PM :
THANK YOU Lord for our Singles Bible Study, THANK YOU for the MEN and WOMEN who give up their Saturday evenings to come and STUDY YOUR WORD with other believers. And especially THANK YOU for letting me be a part of this group. We are truly BLESSED!!
THOMAS said 11/5/2016 6:22:45 PM :
It is WONDERFUL to know we serve a LOVING God who CARES about every detail of our lives! And, it’s very important to be THANKFUL for ALL he does, even for the small things and not take it for granted!!
KIM HOCKER said 11/5/2016 11:26:19 AM :
I give THANKS to YOU Lord, for YOU are GOOD, YOUR MERCY endures FOREVER!!
STEVE OLAFSON said 11/5/2016 8:15:37 AM :
CINDY said 11/4/2016 2:15:27 PM :
I am THANKFUL to God for my new job. This opportunity is a BLESSING and I plan to do the best job at this position I can. All PRAISES belong to YOU and I give them to YOU! THANK YOU God!
NANCY said 11/4/2016 2:10:51 PM :
I am so THANKFUL that my son got the job that he was interviewed for!
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