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As Senior Pastor of Desert Hills Baptist Church, I would like to welcome you to our PRAISE Blog!
Everyone (members, non-members, anywhere in the US or other countries) will have the opportunity to blog their PRAISES
as often as you feel led to and we will be compiling all PRAISES on our website blog, to make a MOUNTAIN OF PRAISE.

Years ago in my own life, I was going through a particularly hard time, (yep, Christians/Pastors have problems too).
I counseled with my Pastor at the time and he gave me the keys to unlocking all despair. A formula of sorts to dealing with darkness. Simply put, PRAISE GOD!

Not only is He worthy, but praise requires the believer to meditate on all of God's Wonder, Grace, Mercy, Love and Compassion.
Upon reviewing all God has done, is doing, and frankly who He is, one's own countenance cannot help but be lifted up.
Besides that, the Bible itself declares, it is comely for the righteous to Praise God, Psalm 33:1. It is a form of sacrifices that
God Himself sponsors and inhabits, Hebrews 13:15.

Our Mountain of Praise will become a place of refuge and encouragement for the lost and the saved alike!

As we offer our praises for God and how He has forgiven us through the shed blood of His son, Jesus.
We can also post how He has answered specific requests, delivered from temptations, and blesses us beyond belief.

MOUNTAIN OF PRAISE has the potential to literally reach the world and change it one praise at a time!

Until we are called home, and the church is raptured, let us build this Mountain together as a permanent testament to God's Goodness.
Be blessed! Then PRAISE about it! Psalm 145:4-12 (Look it up!!!!)

Always Praising Him,
Pastor Scott


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BONNIE said 8/25/2019 11:32:43 AM :
We look at the world around us and Most Of Us TAKE FOR GRANTED WHAT God GAVE US! I just think we should PRAISE God EVERYDAY for WHAT WE HAVE and NOT PRAY for what we DON'T HAVE!! THANK YOU my LORD!
STEVE said 8/22/2019 1:03:05 PM :
I PRAISE God for my WIFE and CHILDREN! THANK YOU Jesus for giving me such a WONDER FAMILY and the TIME to spend with them!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 8/19/2019 4:57:03 PM :


Our Country!

Our Bible-believing, Bible-preaching Church!

PRAISE for ALL of our Church MINISTRIES!


Yollie is THANKFUL that her friend is HOME from the hospital!

Our church’s Shindig was a HUGE success!

Marilyn is glad to be BACK from Beatty and California!
IRIS MARTINEZ said 8/12/2019 3:52:35 PM :
I saw my asthma doctor today and the tests showed that my asthma was DOWNGRADED from COPD to lower/moderate asthma! The doctors were so AMAZED they thought their equipment malfunctioned and recalibrated the instruments before repeating the tests! THANK YOU Jesus for YOUR LOVING CARE and ANSWERED PRAYER!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 8/12/2019 1:51:20 PM :

Praise God, HE IS RISEN!


Senior Luncheon on Tuesday at 11:30 at the Black Bear Restaurant on Green Valley Parkway!

Alyssa Ackerman's beautiful testimony today!

All of our DHBC Church Ministries!

Wayne continues to gain strength and is able to attend and today was an usher!

GeorgeAnn’s former secretary had lunch with her and came with questions about God’s Plan of Salvation. First question when they sat down was “Did you bring your Bible?

Nancy J’s grandson Josh is doing fine after line drive hit him right in the face.

Jesus’ family is all back and little Julietta will be home in another week.

Vivian had good test results for heart issues.

Doris took 60 bags to the Rescue Mission.

Ric and Rosa are settled in CA; they will be back in approximately three months.

Delta returned today.

Our visitors Dexter and Amber
Robert King felt well enough to come today.

Jack’s birthday is tomorrow.
GLEN said 8/10/2019 11:39:28 AM :
Lord I just want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU! For giving me the STRENGTH, SUPPORT and LOVE that You gift to me everyday! Without You I wouldn’t be able to be me and aim as high as I do. YOUR POWER ENSURES that I NEVER feel alone and Your PRESENCE is but a breath away when I call. I CAN'T EXPRESS what You mean to me but I know You know already!! YOUR he BEST!
DHBC OFFICE said 8/8/2019 2:02:54 PM :

Praise God for our SALVATIONS at VBS!

THANKFUL for the SUCCESS of our VBS!

Larry/Fran Miles’ are THANKFUL that their grandkids are BACK!

Jeff McPherson – PRAISE for this SEMESTER!

DHBC OFFICE said 8/1/2019 12:22:19 PM :

PRAISE God for our VBS! It is going GREAT and everyone is ENJOYING it!

Travis Young - I want to PRAISE God for my LIFE!

Pam Saga - I am so THANKFUL for my daughter Crystal’s HEALTH and HEALING and I PRAISE God for my EYESIGHT!

PRAISING the Lord for the DECISIONS that were MADE at YOUTH CAMP!
ANONYMOUS MEMBER said 7/30/2019 2:28:08 PM :
I have been PRAYING for our Vacation Bible School. I am so GRATEFUL for the SEEDS PLACED in me as a child, growing up in a non-Christian family! Lord, I ask for LABORS in YOUR HARVEST to be FILLED by YOUR SPIRIT with the MESSAGE of SALVATION for the CHILDREN and YOUTH of our nation. Lord our CHILDREN and YOUTH are under attack and I know many are the ANGELS before YOU pleading for them and testifying to YOU of the evils being done to them! Send them BACK Lord to us with the WORDS and POWER to SAVE and to TRAIN this GENERATION of YOUTH to be LOBORS in YOUR FIELDS, so when YOU return for us Lord YOUR HARVEST will be GREAT!! For YOUR GLORY and PRAISE Lord!
PASTOR SCOTT HOCKER said 7/30/2019 11:27:58 AM :
PRAISE YOU in the HIGHEST for the 130 folks YOU BROUGHT last night!!!! Please be BLESSED by us Lord!!! MAKE US a BLESSING to the NATIONS!!!!!!!!
PASTOR SCOTT HOCKER said 7/29/2019 11:03:04 AM :
PRAISE YOU Lord for the 98 PEOPLE YOU BROUGHT to the first night of VBS!!! THANK YOU!!
MARIO SMITH said 7/26/2019 10:33:34 AM :
My nephew is HOME and he is APPRECIATIVE of ALL the PRAYERS for him. His lungs are doing BETTER and he is feeling a lot BETTER! THANK you all!
DHBC OFFICE said 7/25/2019 1:22:07 PM :

Wayne Zimmer is THANKFUL that he is getting STRONGER!

PRAISE God that Pastor’s Scott’s sermons are on the RADIO!

Marie Baumgartner got GOOD blood work results, goes back in month!

GeorgeAnn’s friend at Credit Union is CANCER FREE!

Virginia Anderson is THANKFUL that she is much BETTER!

Vivian Baker’s grandson was SAVED during VBS in Virginia!

Robert Johnson is OUT of rehab and doing BETTER!

PRAISES for our youth getting back SAFELY from camp!
LARRY JOHNSTON said 7/23/2019 4:08:52 PM :
PRAISE and THANKS to God for ALL things BIG and SMALL!

Some things are bigger and well just so much joy for the FLESH, the SPIRIT and SOUL!

So a SPECIAL PRAISE to God for ALLOWING my wife and myself to get away to a much needed restful mountain area for a week!

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 7/22/2019 2:37:57 PM :




Wayne reports that he is GAINING STRENGTH and misses you all!

PRAISING GOD that Pastor Scott’s sermons are now on AM Station 1060 on Saturdays at 9:30 am!

THANKFUL that the youth are BACK from camp safe and for 4 RE-DEDICATIONS and 2 SALVATIONS!

Marie B is so THANKFUL that she had a GOOD blood work results and does not have to go back for a month!

GeorgeAnn’s friend from the Credit Union Brian West reports he is CANCER FREE!

THANKFUL that the Hensons and Cadenas are HOME SAFELY!

GeorgeAnn’s former secretary and her have lunch scheduled for follow up on conversation about the Roman Road!

Karlene’s friend’s great grandson Baby Ryan is OUT of hospital and at HOME!

Virginia A is feeling much BETTER!

PRAISES that Marie L's granddaughter PASSED her test to be in AF Officer Candidate School!

Julietta is now 4 pounds 2 ounces!

Vivian is PRAISING the Lord that her grandson was SAVED in Virginia during their VBS!

Eileen is feeling STRONGER!

Daysi’s sister and niece are VISITING from Ecuador!

Colleen’s small realty company is being purchased by Coldwell Banker!

Linda J is THANKFUL that her son Robert is OUT of rehab and can walk short distances WITHOUT his cane!
GLEN said 7/19/2019 11:35:06 AM :
PRAISE God! 16 years CLEAN from meth, but BY THE GRACE of God......THERE GO I
MARIO SMITH said 7/18/2019 1:53:09 PM :
Update on my nephew: still our prayers. He is now having a problem with pneumonia but is under treatment. The doctors have said that he can go home when he is able to walk around without difficulties, is off of IV's, and he uses the BIPAP.
MARIO SMITH said 7/16/2019 1:01:58 PM :
God is STILL WATCHING OVER my nephew! My brother told me that my nephew's co2 count was in the 120's (normal is under 40 and for a smoker, which he is, normal is under 60). Doctors stated he should have been in a coma, but God HAS BEEN MERCIFUL! He woke up and wanted to eat and all they brought him was Jell-O! It's a BLESSING that he is ALIVE!
SHARON said 7/16/2019 11:39:17 AM :
Hi I am THANKFUL that God SAVED me and that I can HAVE a RELATIONSHIP with HIM and it is FREE!!
MARIO SMITH said 7/15/2019 4:01:41 PM :
THANKING the Lord that my nephew DID NOT have a STROKE! He was not exhaling enough to clear his lungs and the gases that built up were causing the disorientation. They have put him on a bipap to help with his breathing. THANKS ALL for the PRAYERS!!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 7/15/2019 2:59:21 PM :




Wayne’s HANDLING of the chemo and radiation treatments amazed his doctor!

Pastor Scott’s SERMONS are NOW ON Station 1060AM on Saturdays at 9 am!

THREE of the four people Ed and Sharon visited this week were IN CHURCH TODAY!
LINDA said 7/10/2019 9:23:49 AM :
I PRAISE God that HE ie is our ROCK, our HELPER and COMFORT in our CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES! THANK YOU God..our HOPE is in YOU Lord!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 7/9/2019 4:27:44 PM :


Vivian having 2nd infusion of iron.

Eileen's rehab and PT going WELL!

Marilyn G will begin as teacher's assistant at Wycliff tomorrow.

Rescue Mission Bag next week!

Senior Saint Luncheon next Tuesday at Golden Corral on Lamb at 11:30!
STEVE OLAFSON said 7/2/2019 7:01:26 AM :
O Sovereign and almighty Lord, bless all Your people, and all your flock. Give Your peace, Your help, and Your love unto us your servants, the sheep of your fold, that we may be united in the bond of peace and love, one body and one spirit, in one hope of our calling, in Your divine and boundless love. Amen.
From the Liturgy of Mark, 2d Century A.D.
EDITH said 7/1/2019 3:20:12 PM :
I want to PRAISE God and give THANKS for our BIBLE TEACHERS, Judy, Terry, and Georgia Ann for their continuous LOVE and PATIENCE in their MINISTRY! I THANK God for our PASTORS, LEADERS, DEACON, and ALL in their chosen ministries! They are God’s GIFTS to us members and make DHBC a GOOD church! THANK YOU Lord for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS to us all!!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 7/1/2019 3:19:38 PM :




Hensons were BACK with us!

Jesus with Jack and Fran’s help was able to get the MEDICATION he NEEDS!

Linda S is THANKFUL that the medication is HELPING circulation and kidneys!

PRAISE the Lord! The CHURCH has NOT had to pay electricity bill for 3 months. Solar is amazing!!

Marilyn Gordon’s niece got the last slot available at Wycliff!

GeorgeAnn’s friend at the Credit Union is HEALING from his cancer surgery!
IRIS MARTINEZ said 6/28/2019 11:12:55 AM :
First I want to PRAISE God for HIS LOVE and FAITHFULNESS! HE is so GOOD! So LOVING and FORGIVING! I want to PRAISE God that HE supplies ALL my needs! I also almost hit a car yesterday (weird corner backing up from a driveway..suddenly a car was right there... the car was making a left into the street). PRAISE YOU for that and ALL Lord. YOUR MERCIES are newNEW every morning! GREAT is your FAITHFULNESS Lord!
DHBC OFFICE said 6/27/2019 1:17:42 PM :

Shaquiece Bagsby, PRAISE that she was able to BE AT CHURCH last Wednesday!!

Pam Saga is THANKFUL that her cataract surgeries went WELL, and that she is doing GREAT!

PRAISE God for our DHBC Visitation Teams, Ministry Leaders, Teachers
and Pastor Scott and Kim, Pastor Roger and Shirley!
ADULT SUBDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 6/26/2019 10:23:42 AM :


Our Country!

For all Church ministries!

Karlene was back with us!

Our church has NOT had to pay electricity bill for 3 months. Solar is amazing!

Alex Paz has been offered a couple of record deals!
STEVE OLAFSON said 6/24/2019 11:22:34 AM :
And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.
This is PROOF that ALL people of every part of the world CAN BE SAVED!
IRIS MARTINEZ said 6/22/2019 11:53:49 AM :
I have visited your church a couple of times and have started to come to your website. Today I want to PRAISE God for ALLOWING me to MEET my FAMILY again after such a long time!
DHBC OFFICE said 6/20/2019 2:49:47 PM :

Linda Wood’s THANKFUL that her leg is much BETTER!

The Hensen’s start BACK HOME on Monday the 24th!

Edith is PRAISING God that her blood test is NEGATIVE!

Matthew Coyle giving PRAISE for his JOB!

Gabe Hilton PRAISE for being able to TALK to roommate about CHURCH!
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 6/18/2019 11:59:57 AM :

He is Risen!

Our Country!

Nettie moved her letter to Desert Hills today!

Richard’s mother came forward for baptism and church membership today

Linda Wood’s leg is much better

Wayne has finished four weeks of treatment with no bad affects thus far and still has enough hair to comb!

GA”s friend at her credit union--Brian West—had surgery for cancer; he is healing nicely!

Eileen—felt better this week than she has since heart surgery!

Marie L is back from Kansas!

Hensens start back from Illinois on Monday the 24th.

Doris R took 84 hygiene bags to the Rescue Mission this week!

Linda J—15th month old who has cancer received first treatment and is now at home!

For all who seek strong spiritual walk and please pray they will grow in their faith!

All Church ministries!
DHBC said 6/13/2019 1:07:23 PM :

Our DHBC Church Picnic was a SUCCESS!

Wayne is doing GOOD after half of his treatments!

GeorgeAnn’s physical therapy on knee is HELPING!

Eileen Andersen GOOD REPORT from heart doctor!

We have VISITATION TEAMS, Ed and Sharon, Marie and Cindy Hughes, Barbara and Chris and Bill and Larry Miles!
ANONYMOUS said 6/11/2019 10:31:49 AM :
PRAISE God for our GREAT worship service Sunday! THANK YOU Lord for CONSTANTLY opening my eyes toYOUR LOVE and MERCY!
BARBARA said 6/10/2019 11:45:42 AM :
PRAISE God we have 2 NEW VISITATION TEAMS! We need one more team of 2 men. God is SOOOOOO GOOD!
PASTOR SCOTT HOCKER said 6/9/2019 8:46:39 AM :
PRAISE YOU Lord forANSWERED PRAYER! YOU have said to cast all of our cares on YOU (no matter how BIG or SMALL) for YOU CARE for us! Truly YOU areFAITHFUL to YOUR WORD!
JUDY said 6/5/2019 3:19:55 PM :
PRAISE God for our church family and the LOVE and MERCY that is shown each and every day! God is so GOOD and is WORTHY of PRAISE!!
JEAN said 6/3/2019 12:05:33 PM :
I want to PRAISE God for LISTENING and ANSWERING my PRAYERS and HELPING me find aCHRISTIAN FRIEND in my life friend! THANK YOU Lord!!
DHBC OFFICE said 5/30/2019 12:46:21 PM :

Rosa Cadena’s co-worker is home from hospital and also named crossing guard of the year!

GeorgeAnn is THANKFUL that her physical therapy on knee is going to HELP!

PRAISE God for our SALVATION and BAPTISMS this year!
ELLEAN ANDERSON said 5/28/2019 3:07:38 PM :
Dear Lord, I have been so BLESSED with ALL the PRAYERS that have been lifted to YOU on my behalf! I give YOU all the HONOR and GLORY for my RECOVERY and ask YOU to BLESS those who have BLESSED me!

I am PRAYED for each week at church and I do THANK YOU for ALL that has been GIVEN to me from my brothers and sisters! Their SUPPORT, their HUGS, their SMILES, I COULD’NT even COUNT the MANY PRAYERS that they have all BLESSED me with!

YOU are WITH me THROUGH the GOOD days and the days that I STRUGGLE! I am NEVER ALONE in this recovery! I LOVE YOU Lord.
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS said 5/28/2019 2:56:38 PM :

He is Risen!

Our Country and those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom

Wayne’s chemo and radiation treatments went well with no bad after affects this week!
Linda Selby’s boss is very understanding about her need to go to doctor
on lunch hour; her doctor takes no appointments after 12 noon.

Rosa’s co-worker is home from hospital and was also named Crossing
Guard of the Year!

Karlene’s husband Bob drove this week for first time since his accident!

Manny was here this Sunday morning!

Eileen was back this Sunday morning!

Jesus’ great granddaughter is improving, is able to drink milk!

Nettie, our visitor’s allergies were better this morning!

GA’s bill in Nevada Legislature passed Assembly unanimously this week; now just Governor’s signature and it will become law July one!

GA—think the physical therapy on knee is going to help!

Jack had two more come for counseling and one more person joined Celebrate Recovery!

All Church ministries!
STEVE OLAFSON said 5/27/2019 10:59:28 PM :
5-27-2019 Memorial Day

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy Name. We, your children, come with very GRATEFUL hearts for ALL YOU have DONE for us as individuals and as citizens of this great nation! We recognize it is because of YOUR GRACE and the SACRIFICE of so many that we can call ourselves Americans and can be a part of the most BLESSED nation in the world! On this Memorial Day enable us to REMEMBER! To REMEMBER those who have GIVEN their ALL for the VALUES we hold as Americans. To REMEMBER those who have returned with wounds so physically and emotionally deep, that they may never be the same as before. May we SYMPATHIZE with THOSE who will NEVER SEE the birth of their child, their child’s graduation, SEE their daughter as the beautiful bride, or stand with their handsome son as the groom! May we also SYMPATHIZE with the MANY who will NEVER hold a grandchild, cruise the oceans, or live to see old age. YOUR WORD says, “No greater sacrifice can be given than to give one’s life for his friends.” That is what so many have DONE! They have GIVEN their LIVES for their COUNTRY, for the FREEDOM and VALUES we hold so dear!

Father, as we remember on this Memorial Day, help us JOIN with the grief-stricken families that live every day with the sorrow their loss has brought. May we who live in FREEDOM bow our heads and grieve for the many that have died in war and out of our grief we urgently pray for peace and the end of war! Heavenly Father, Creator of this world, as we remember this day, let us also be THANKFUL for the men and women who are WILLING to lay it ALL on the line and die so their families and friends can live in one of greatest countries on earth. Help us to remember with sincere gratitude those who’s final resting place may be in one of our beautiful national cemeteries or in a small family plot as well as those whose resting place has yet to be found. Oh God, our Help in Ages Past, on this Memorial Day we must also give homage to YOU, upon who’s TRUTH and LOVE this nation was founded. Out of the GREAT AWAKENING came our Founding Fathers who were willing to give up fortunes and their lives if necessary so that a people could be FREE to WORSHIP as they chose and to live their lives in freedom as well. THANK YOU for the people who desired to establish laws and life according to YOUR Precious WORD; to govern with fairness to all, rich and poor alike; to give all an equal chance for success. And Father that gives us reason to join with those, our deceased brothers and sisters, to give THANK YOU give us a reason not just to live but a cause for which to die! Those we remember today died for a purpose. It was not to further Communism, Nazism, or some dictator’s or emperor’s fancy but to provide freedom to the oppressed and hope for the hopeless. We THANK YOU that those who died can truly be counted with those who returned as victors over such oppression and hopelessness. They may have lost their lives and all that goes within the years they did not have, but they won the wars by fighting for rights and dignity of the individual. We remember, Father, our freedom and our prosperity today is a product of their victory even in death. God Bless those who have given their lives; God BLESS their families who grieve, and God bless America that we will never become a nation like most others. May we hold CLOSE and DEAR the values for which our men and women died! On this Memorial Day we pray for peace in America, Israel, and the Middle East. We pray for the protection of our soldiers today who are in harm’s way. We pray the world will know YOU are the TRUE and LIVING God! In the Name of the One who died and ROSE again, Jesus Christ. AMEN!
EDITH said 5/26/2019 12:46:01 PM :
PRAISE the Lord, my sister’s swollen legs were now OKAY! Her breast cancer fight is taking a toll on her but she continues to PRAY and LEAN on God for her STRENGTH! THANK YOU Lord for YOUR DIVINE MERCY, for LOVING me, and FORGIVING me of my sins, and DYING for me for my SALVATION!!
MARIO SMITH said 5/18/2019 11:16:53 AM :
PRAISE God!! NO SURGERIES for either Bonny or myself! That is a GOOD THING!
DHBC OFFICE said 5/16/2019 3:21:22 PM :

Ken Rainey joined church on Sunday!

Vanessa Braunstein had her baby, mom and baby are doing good!

Youth Car Wash!

Mens and Ladies Bible Studies

Mixed Adult Bible Study

Young Adult Bible Study
STEVE OLAFSON said 5/12/2019 10:08:22 AM :
Heavenly Father, on this Mother`s Day, we THANK YOU for our mothers through whom YOUR GIFT of LIFE begins and through whom we are NURTURED into great human beings! We LIFT UP all mothers to YOUR LOVE and CARE! We pray for them, for their needs of STRENGTH and SUPPORT to continue to NUTURE a family of LOVE, in HONOR and LOVE for YOU, our God! Amen
MARIO SMITH said 5/10/2019 5:11:57 PM :
Bonny's CT scan became a PET scan when their machine broke this morning - and it ALL WENT WELL! Now we wait for the results - and made a new friend in the waiting room!
DHBC OFFICE said 5/10/2019 12:07:11 PM :

Kathleen Turner’s surgery went well, she is now home and recouperating
Jean Drury is cancer free after 5 years
Nick is in line for a promotion
Barbara’s daughter, Tahnee is engaged

EDITH said 5/9/2019 4:43:31 PM :
I want to THANK ALL of the Monday Night Ladies Bible Study group for their card I received yesterday. THANK YOU ladies for your PRAYERS, HE KNOWS I need them! Your HOPE and FAITH, PRAYERS and your LOVE make grieving a little EASIER to bear! BLESSINGS to you ALL!
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