* DAY 20 / of our 30 Days of Thanks


SUNDAY: • 9:30 am: Sunday School •10:40 am: Worship Service / WEDNESDAY: • 6:30 pm: Worship Service

by: Desert Hills Baptist Church



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Thank you Lord for the baby you blessed me with on this day 11 years ago.


Dear Jesus, thank you for all the blessings. Thank you God for another day!


Thank you, God, always for keep my family and me safe. We are happy and grateful to you all times..


Thank you Lord, for happiness and wellness. I appreciate all you’ve done for me.


Lord, how can I ever Thank You enough? You endured more pain, more shame, more sorrow, more grief than I can possibly ever know. Help me remember why You gave Your life. Because of love. Because of mercy. Because I desperately need them both.


Lord, I am thankful that You are always present. I never need to make an appointment to speak to You, No matter where I go or what time it is, I can depend on Your presence!


November 20- I am thankful for my home and the neighborhood I live in. I love having a full house and when we saw this house for the very first time 7 years ago, we knew it was perfect for us! Little did we know how amazing the Four Seasons Neighborhood was too! Our little piece of paradise is right here on Fallcrest street. We have so many wonderful neighbors that we have come to love like family!!!


I'm thankful for the former pastors:
Dennis Reed ,Randy Plunkett, Tom Marsh and Ruben Raquel


Am thankful for my pastor. Scott Hocker and his family. What a blessing they are to me and my life as well as to Desert Hills Baptist Church.


I have been thinking about the 30 days of Thanksgiving. And I wonder why am I thankful? It may seem simplistic to ask, but I think it goes much deeper than that. I want to understand myself why am I thankful? I am thankful for his salvation, I am thankful that he lives in me, I am thankful for the people that he has placed in my life. But why am I thankful?


I am thankful for all the volunteers who help at chuch


I am thankful for the children the Lord puts in my life.