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Posted Praises & Thanks

4/8/22 - DHBC Office: Senior Adults: He is Risen, He is in control, Reassurance of the Word. Our church is blessed. Our Security Team. Melinda is in good spirits; she will be treated at one of the Mayo Clinics. Barbara is making real progress with new Physical Therapy Gym and equipment. Liz and two daughters were baptized today. For those who came to clean Church yesterday.

C&C Class: Adam-Praise that Arienn is coming down. Jeff-Praise for passing tests, Praise that He is a Doctor, Praise for vacation, Praise that I am finishing things up in school.

4/8/22 - Donna E. Enos: My praise is seeing and hearing my pastor, I feel blessed knowing he is well and no pain. I am blessed listening to him preach again. I miss my church family, God bless you all till we see each other again. xoxo