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Dearest Brethren and Guests,

It has come to my attention that we must refresh the policies of DHBC regarding our homeless community surrounding our church. In doing so I will just be restating what Desert Hills Baptist Church has historically done for over 30 years to meet the needs of the less fortunate in our area. As well as try to make clear what the church and pastorate have tried to discourage and why.

First let me boast in what the Lord has done for over 30 years at Desert Hills Baptist Church.

God has used Desert Hills Baptist Church and several individuals as ministry leaders to open our doors once a week on the same day and time to give out food to the needy and homeless. Because we lack the facilities to store large amounts of non-perishable items, we have chosen to limit this to a two-time assistance, unless there are unique circumstances involved. Note, our food pantry is open to our members who have similar needs. And are asked to make an appointment with a deacon, lay counselor, or Pastor to receive such assistance. This ministry has blessed thousands of people over the years, and I encourage anyone who would like to help to contact Bill Whennen, ASAP and join his team on Fridays.

As regarding Desert Hills Baptist Church’s other policies, let me first state as Pastor of DHBC, that I love people. But I have been called to be the Pastor of God’s Church at 4401 S. Nellis Blvd. and it is always with the safety and well being of those who attend our services that I impart the following policies.

  1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding Pan handling.
  2. The church as a whole has a strict policy that we never give out money.
  3. We do not give out bus fare.
  4. There is a zero tolerance policy on loitering or squatting (IE, no sleeping/camping/or lounging on property).
  5. Giving out food from the pantry is relegated to one day a week and is posted all week long. (IE, no food shall be given before, during or after service times on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning).

        Now regarding the reasoning…

  1. As Desert Hills Baptist Church is located in a city which gambling, drugs, and excess is encouraged, it is our policy to never  
    enable such activities. Thus regardless of the circumstances we have adopted a zero tolerance policy for pan handling.
  2. In like regard, the church never gives cash. This policy also has the safety and well being of our attendants and members in mind. As when money has been given out it has proven to encourage more and more such requests. And has led to multiple altercations with our security team. As well as myself, my wife, and my assistants being verbally assaulted and in fear of bodily harm.
  3. Bus fare is not a necessity and basic human need, and can be used as a replacement for money. IE, Bus passes can be sold.
  4. The church campus has been provided for worship and church based activities alone. No one person or group has the right to claim its recourse for their personal gain or residence.
  5. Worship time should be a time of spiritual engagement. Free of distractions and worldly needs. Our people would like to minister on the day they have set aside for helping the needy, and thereby have more time to assist and council those in need.

What you have just read are the basic policies Desert Hills Baptist Church has adopted over the years. Desert Hills Baptist Church has found it both necessary and fruitful to do so. Our hearts go out to those in real need and have chosen these policies to both accommodate the needy, while protecting God’s people. It is not, nor ever will be, the intent of the Church to turn any away who comply with these basic policies. But instead to assist the needy without further enabling poor choices, deviant behavior, or just plain old sin.

What an individual does in their private lives and your ministries is totally up to them. But we at Desert Hills Baptist Church ask that you recognize and respect these basic policies for the good of us all.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues as a member of Desert Hills Baptist Church, feel free to make an appointment with me, the Senior Pastor, Scott Hocker. Thank you for your understanding.

In Christ,
Senior Pastor, R. Scott Hocker

P.S. Desert Hills Baptist Church also has chosen to keep 211 and Public service literature at the information booth for those who desire them.

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