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Here at Desert Hills Baptist Church it is our contention that memorials are a time to celebrate the life of our loved ones.

We encourage all believers in Christ to look forward to our blessed hope of being in His presence as well as our resurrection with Him someday. It is due to this most Biblical of Beliefs, we prefer not to have our/your loved ones remains on Campus for your Celebration and Memorial. This often time is an added expense to the family due to transportation costs as well as funeral home involvement.

There are however necessities that must be met.

1. A meeting with the Pastor presiding over the memorial.

2. The Gospel must be presented.

3. An invitation to repent and receive Jesus must be given.

4. Any an all multi-media presentation must be tested and approved 48 hours before the memorial.

5. Days of Building access for memorials are limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

6. Times of availability are at the discretion of the Pastor presiding over the memorial.

7. Memorials will be limited to one hour to ninety minutes according to the presiding Pastors discretion.

8. The order of service must be written and approved by the presiding Pastor no later than 48 hours before the memorial.

9. Fellowship hall facilities and volunteers are limited to Church members and their families, unless otherwise arranged with the presiding Pastor.

10. Food for said fellowship and receptions, available as enabled by the congregation and volunteers. Unless one may want to have this reception catered, which they will assume all costs.

11. No alcohol.

12. All hymns/songs needing accompaniment must be approved 48 hours before memorial.

As DHBC has grown we have found it necessary to put into writing our policies concerning matters such as these. This policy will be printed out and signed as a gesture of agreement before any functions proceed to the planning stage.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pastor Scott Hocker,

Desert Hills Baptist Church Senior Pastor

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